You really feel like tasting cold foods during summertime as the weather is too hot. Cold things like chilled water, cool drinks, ice creams, etc make you more joyful and at the same time satisfies your taste buds. Cold drinks can refresh your body and instantly boost your energy level. The pleasure of drinking cold water after a meal can lead to many dreadful health problems. The risk due to consuming cold water after meals are very well explained in this article.

Develops belly fat – Coldwater can retain fat contents in your body. Drinking cold water after meals can warm the fats in your stomach and makes it difficult to digest. Fats have to be removed by adequate exercise to prevent stomach bloating.

Leads to Indigestion problems – Coldwater obstructs the digestion process. It solidifies the fat contents present in the food when mixed with cold water and struggles to digest. The cold items make your food so hard for digestion.

Cause dizziness – When the supply of oxygen to the organs of the body decreases especially the brain, you feel dizzy. Coldwater disturbs the body’s metabolism and the sudden switching of temperature affects your organs.

Freezes your Brain – The cold water can weaken the physiological functions that can lead to headaches or migraines. It freezes your brain function and instigates dizziness.

Slows down heartbeats – Drinking cold water can disrupt the function of the vagus nerve. The nerve helps in taking care of a consistent heartbeat. Coldwater disturbs nerve function and slows down the heartbeat.

Deprived of nutrients – When you consume cold water, your body has to use more energy to bring back to normal temperature. During this process, the energy is not utilized in absorbing nutrients and digesting food. This results in a loss of nutrients that develops low immune power.

Triggering sore throat – Coldwater has a great impact on the esophagus that likely gets inclined to many infections. They also develop mucus in the passage of the esophagus.

Narrow intestine – The absorption of food in the intestine is disturbed as the cold water can narrow the intestinal wall. It also clots the oil present in the food and makes it difficult for digestion.

Aggravates your thirst – Coldwater increases your thirst and makes you drink more. It results in body imbalance and you lose fluids faster. It is advisable to drink normal water instead of cold water after a heavy workout to regain body fluids.

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