Bajaj Finserv Offers Coverage Against Everyday Risks With Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions

The insurance industry has witnessed significant developments in the past few decades. However, there still exist many aspects of everyday life that are not covered under traditional insurance. These include smaller risks that may quickly add up to make a huge dent in one’s monthly expenses. Moreover, a lot of insurance plans available in the market today are not easily accessible due to complicated application procedures and higher premium amounts. For customer-centric, affordable insurance plans, Bajaj Finance Limited, the lending and investing arm of Bajaj Finserv is offering more than 90 plans under its umbrella of Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. These plans secure the insured persons and their valuable possessions from risks and hazards faced in daily life. Incidents such as wallet theft, loss of keys, mobile screen damage, breakdown of electronic appliances, sports injuries, and many more are covered under the category at premiums starting at as low as Rs. 79.

Read on to know the important features and benefits of Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions:

Affordable premiums

The plans offered under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions offer considerably high coverage amounts at budget-friendly premiums. For instance, one can avail of a Wallet Care plan at just Rs. 599 and get coverage of up to Rs. 2 lakh in case they lose their wallet or come across an incident of debit/credit card fraud. Similarly, a Monsoon Cover plan provides individuals with coverage of up to Rs. 50,000 at a nominal premium of Rs. 649 per year.

Wide variety of products

Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions are tailored to offer coverage for scenarios that are often overlooked by conventional insurers. The category includes a wide range of products across health, travel, wellness, and lifestyle. For instance, individuals can insure their home appliances such as TVACWashing Machine, or their personal gadgets and accessories such as wristwatch, fitness wearable, wireless headphones, and more based on their specific lifestyle needs.

Similarly, coverage can also be availed for travel-related risks and hazards by opting for plans such as Domestic Holiday CoverTrek Cover, or a Pilgrimage Cover. The products offered under the Health category include Hospital Cash Cover, Dengue Cover, Kidney Stones Cover, Child Personal Accident Cover, Pregnancy Complications Cover, and more.

Easy online application and convenient payment modes

One can easily apply for plans under the category by filling in the online application form and making premium payments via a convenient online mode such as UPI, credit/debit card, mobile wallet, or a bank transfer.

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