As the country was battling the COVID-19 in March 2020, the demand for hand sanitizers increased sharply. Several small, medium and big players entered this new segment as the demand was increasing swiftly. Bionova introduced a hand sanitizer brand Ultimade during this period, and since then it has become one of the best liquid hand sanitizer brands in India.

Bionova Hand Sanitizer has now captured a dominant market share. The brand is well accepted as the best hand sanitizer in the segment of 80% alcohol. Managing Director Suddhir Jain says, “Unlike other hand sanitizers, our liquid sanitizer has a pleasant fragrance created by the company’s in-house scientific team to mask the odour of alcohol.” Since last year, the reach of Bionova hand sanitizer has increased across the nation and at present, it is supplied to 35000+ medical stores and 1200+ supermarkets through its strong distribution channel of 200+ distributors in India. It also has a strong online presence and is sold in leading online stores.

The availability of hand sanitizers in various forms of packaging not only makes it convenient to use but also strengthens its position in the list of the best hand sanitizer brands in India. It is available in various packaging solutions like pocket hand sanitizer, liquid hand sanitizer spray, travel kit, trigger gun and dispensing pump; catering for the various requirements.

Bionova hand sanitizer is based on a standardized formulation approved by the World Health Organisation. However, we focused on making it different from the other brands by focusing on its packaging and fragrance to provide our consumers with a product that is easy to use and also leaves a soothing effect on their skin without the typical smell of alcohol,” added Sudhir Jain.

He further said, “With the second wave hitting us again, we have observed a change in consumers’ behaviour as they are now more aware of the choice they are making while buying sanitizers or even masks. Earlier, they were doing it out of compulsion, but now they are doing it for the sake of precaution. People are aware of the pharmaceutical standard of sanitizer and looking for options like 80% alcohol-based sanitizer at medical stores. This change of mindset has not only increased the demand but sales of good quality sanitizers that meet the best quality and standard. Looking at the current demand, we have increased the production of sanitizers from one single line to 6 lines of production and also partnered with reputed contract manufacturers to help meet the demand and fight the pandemic.”

Besides hand sanitizer, Bionova also markets medicines in various therapeutic segments. Bionova is now looking to expand into other pharmaceutical segments that would otherwise have to be imported into India. The company dreams of building a world-class Indian multinational company.

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