What’s Chow Chow or Chayote? This vegetable is mostly available and native to Mexico and Latin America. Presently, it is cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It is actually a pear-shaped green fruit which is known as pear squash and vegetable pear. While it is green outside, the fruit has white flesh inside and has the soft seen in the center. Also, it has a neutral flavor of both bitter and sweet. Otherwise called Choko and Chocho, Chayote squash contains nutrients such as vitamin B9 or folate which is great for mom-to-be(s), antioxidants, phytochemicals like luteolin and apigenin, and other essential nutrients which are helpful in providing multiple health benefits. While people in Australia and New Zealand use it in salad and salsas, it could be grated in chapatti or rotis in India and even used in cooking as a dish like other veggies. Check out the following benefits of chayote squash.

GREAT FOR HEART’S HEALTH: The presence of antioxidants and flavonoids in chayote is helpful in combating damage. In fact, the presence of these healthy compounds would fight against oxidative stress which is responsible for cardiovascular illnesses. It would also stimulate the blood circulation in the heart. Meanwhile, the presence of potassium would help manage the blood pressure and the healthy functioning of the heart. Thus, Chayote is known to be the protector of the heart.

SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS: Following a good and healthy diet is important when it comes to weight loss. With its high level of moisturizing and dietary fiber, Chayote would be extremely beneficial for shedding weight. When you consume chayote, it would also help to keep you full for a longer time, thereby preventing overeating which in turn would be helpful in the weight loss process. This is how it could be your weight-loss buddy.

CONTROLS BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: Since chayote squash is low in carbs and high in soluble fiber, this amalgamation of the veggie is helpful in regulating blood sugar levels and battles the body’s insulin resistance. And what is the work of soluble fiber in managing the sugar? Well, the presence of soluble fiber would delay the process of digestion and absorption of carbs which would in turn lower the blood sugar level after the meals. Even the presence of certain essential compounds in the squash could reduce the activity of enzymes which is associated with poor blood sugar control and type 2 diabetes. So, you could add a chayote squash to your diet without any hesitation.

HELPS IN SAFE PREGNANCY: With the help of folate or vitamin B9, chayote plays a vital role before and after pregnancy as mentioned earlier. It would also assist in the healthy development of the brain and spinal cord of the fetus and thus decreases the chance of preterm births.

PREVENTS CANCER: Chayote squash, with essential nutrients, is useful in slowing down the growth and progression of some cancer cells like leukemia and cervical cancer as per the studies.