Fermented Rice: The Probiotic Packed Breakfast With Immense Health Benefits

In today’s world, the fact is the current generation is more inclined to junk foods like pizza, burger, noodles and they are unaware of what fermented rice is. In the olden days, people used to have fermented rice as their regular breakfast. They know its benefits and nutritional value.

Fermented rice is very well known by the name Palaya Sadam or Palayathu or Neeragaram in South India, which still most people continue to eat, especially during the summer season.

Fermenting the rice is a simple process that takes no effort literally. Soak a bowl of cooked rice in some water, and leave it overnight for about 12-16 hours. Have it as breakfast in the morning. Honestly, this form of rice, when eaten in the morning, fills the stomach. Keeps you fresh full of energy throughout the day.

How to Prepare – Take a cup of rice that is leftover in the previous night, soak in water in a mud pot for the whole night. Squeeze the rice until it is completely without water. This stage of rice is called fermented rice. Add some chopped onions, green chilies, cut mangoes (if needed) to make it tastier. The water that is drained out of the rice is given as a medicine for those who suffer from stomach aches.

Benefits and More Nutrients than the Normal Food

Acts as a beauty product and it helps in the creation of collagen, which is important to keep up the flexibility of the skin. With its cooling effect, it keeps skin soft and fresh. It helps in healthy hair growth and works as a great conditioner for hair.

Forestalls Fatigue: Fermented rice creates a lot of nutrient B12, which forestalls exhaustion and makes individuals perform the toughest jobs easily and builds up the stamina.

Cures ulcer: Fermented rice is plentiful in Vitamin B. The nutrient forestalls acidity in the body, offers a basic solution for ulcers, and likewise puts solid microscopic organisms in the gut.

Relieves constipation: Fermented rice slop is a characteristic diuretic. It has sound microscopic organisms that help the bowel movement without reactions.

Fermenting rice overnight increases iron content by 21 times compared to normal cooked rice.

Boon for those who are deprived of sleep.