Custard apple is known for its exquisite taste and notable feature. Not a preferred fruit by most people but now it has come to the limelight for its tremendous health benefits. There are the most interesting and unknown facts of this magical fruit that brings a lot of benefits for healthy and bouncy hair. The fruit comes with significant nutrients to maintain ever glowing beautiful hair.

Stops Graying: Graying can start at any age due to various reasons such as stress, hereditary, or any vitamin deficiency. The only fruit that can prevent premature greying is the custard apple. Melanin is a substance that gives color to our hair. The color changes to grey when we lack melanin. The fruit has copper content that builds up the melanin levels. Eat this fruit regularly to get rid of grey hair or apply the paste of the fruit on the scalp.

Gets rid of Lice: Both the flesh and skin come with a lot of enzymes and antioxidants. It can fully ward off any infections or pathogens. Make a paste of the fruit and apply it on the scalp. Leave it for an hour and do a shampoo wash. Repeat this process twice a week to have beautiful and long bouncy hair. The nutrient in the fruit can strengthen the hair and keeps away lice.

Enhances Hair Growth: Our hair loses its growth due to a lack of nutrients. Hair needs a special treatment to strengthen its root. How can a custard apple resolve this problem? It has an abundance of Vitamin C, Iron, and antioxidizing property that is required for any hair to grow richer, softer, and stronger. Do not wait to buy custard apple from the market nearby. Consume it regularly to add more nutrients to your hair and keep free from infections

Keeps Infections at Bay: The antioxidant and Vitamin C present in the fruit is well enough to handle the infections. It can handle any type of scalp infection. This creamy fruit helps in the production of sebum and enables the scalp to breathe well thereby removing the flaky skin and bacteria. Do a direct treatment by applying the cream of the fruit on the scalp or eat as a dessert.

Improves Collagen: Consuming this Vitamin C rich custard apple can improve collagen levels. Collagen is important to provide structure to your skin. The fruit can boost the collagen needed for our system as it has Vitamin C. Eating fruit can clear off any skin problems.

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