The oil bath is an ancient as well as traditional technique followed in India. It is famously known as “Yennai Kuliyal” in the ancient Siddha medicine system of South India. The oil bath is a ritual that is intensely connected with the cultural fabric of India. It has been a major part of the Diwali celebration as it is a very special ceremony for health and prosperity which is followed even today. While the oil bath is practiced as a ritual or cultural fabric, it could also be practiced on normal days. But then it has a certain rule to choose perfect days for taking an oil bath for both men and women. Since the practice of taking an oil bath has been declined, some would do it on Sundays as the other days are working days. While some might recommend having an oil bath during menstruation, some might not recommend having an oil bath during menstruation. According to Ayurvedic textbooks, it is not recommended to take an oil bath during menstruation.

As per Ayurveda, it refers to Taila or Oil for massaging as sesame oil which is otherwise known as Til tel or gingelly oil or Nalla Ennai in Tamil. Well, plan coconut oil is not recommended for an oil bath as it does not have the special dosha-balancing properties or skin-penetrating property like sesame. While mustard oil is commonly used in north and east India especially for newborn baby massage, a spoon of castor oil has been a very common folk practice in South India and also provided oil massage to clean the digestive system. Nevertheless, castor oil is not used for oil massage itself. So, what are the ideal days to have an oil bath for men and women? Ideally, men should have an oil bath on Wednesdays and Saturdays which could increase their strength and longevity. For women, it is good to have oil bath on Tuesdays and Fridays as this would increase their health and bring them prosperity and abundance to the home. Check out the health benefits of an oil bath.

REMOVES DRYNESS FROM THE SKIN: While the seasons are changing, there would be several changes on your skin which could lead to a light layer formation of dryness. When it forms excessively, it could be even lead to rashes formation. By massaging with sesame oil, it is believed to remove the dryness on the skin. It would also make your skin remain soft and moisturized throughout the year.

BENEFITS THE MENTAL HEALTH: The life which we are living presently would lead to several stresses but this type of oil massage could help relieve the stress. Additionally, if you feel tiredness in your eyes, then massage your eyebrows and eyelids by applying lukewarm sesame oil with the help of two fingers. Even if you are suffering from headaches, you could massage the scalp with sesame oil as it would help release the tension.

HELPS IN BALANCING THE BODY TEMPERATURE FOR EACH SEASON: While an oil bath has numerous benefits, massaging with sesame oil would reduce the heat inside the body. This is one of the major benefits of taking an oil bath. People would face hot flashes and chills in the changing season and this would occur when the temperature of your body does not balance with the outside environment. But by massaging with sesame oil, your body temperature would be ready to adjust with the outside temperature. It would thus cool down your body and protect you from several diseases.

TREATS HAIR FALL AND DANDRUFF: People would face hair fall, dandruff issues during summer, and due to the changing weather. You could prevent and treat it with sesame oil with the right solution. It would reduce the dandruff problem in your hair and remove dryness on the scalp and make your hair healthily black as well. Meanwhile, it would treat the premature hair greying in the family. You have to massage your child’s hair with sesame oil as it would avert grey and white hair appearance.

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