Human behavior is always fascinating, every individual is unique. Day in and day out we encounter different kinds of people at the workplace, in relationships even in our movies and dramas as different characters.

Have you ever wondered why some people do anything to be in limelight? Like some crazy TIK TOK videos that have been in rounds?

We have people who are always confused when it comes to choosing, even as simple as what to eat after sitting at the restaurant table or choosing between what to buy after spending hours over the product.

Some become emotional while dealing with people that they end up doing all the work for others.

When someone keeps questioning everything or wants every detail, we sulk them to be NERDS or as boring.

Why does this happen? What are these personality types we are talking about? It’s nothing to do with our intelligence levels it all about our preferences and priorities.

Curious to know about your personality?

Communication is the key to success – be it at home or at work, and for better relationships and success it is vital to understand the concept of personality types.

So, let me introduce you to a simple yet powerful tool that describes four basic personality styles –  D, i, S, and C. “Everything DiSC” created by John Wiley & Sons Inc.,  is the world’s leading assessment tool used by over 45 million people to improve self-awareness, relationships, communication,  productivity, and teamwork. DiSC certified trainers are experts on interpreting, coaching, and facilitating training sessions using over 25 different assessment profiles.

How is it done? 

Participants are presented with a set of situational questions and personalized insights are generated that deepen their understanding of self and others, making relationships and workplace interactions more enjoyable and effective.

Helps to improve interpersonal relationships

Boost team performance and productivity

Helps  business to manage talent and grow their business

I personally love to refer to these four personality types with colors D- Fiery Red, i- Flamboyant yellow, S- Grassy Green, and C- Mystic blue. These personalities are identified by two variables:  Are they better at facts & data or relationships & people?

These 4 styles can be best understood with an example. Consider a scenario of buying a car

D – Fiery Red –  They are confident personalities direct to the point on their requirements and give direct opinions. Prefer the salesperson to be competent. Encourages short discussions and quick decision-makers. They prefer a car that stands as a status and good in performance.

i – Flamboyant yellow – People with this personality love to interact with people and are socially very active. They take this opportunity as meeting new people and building new connections. They enjoy their small talks with the salesperson and don’t mind spending hours talking about the experience and even sharing their road trip stories. Their choice of vehicle would be something unique, sporty, energetic that stands out in the crowd.

S – Grassy Green – Soft-spoken, understanding, humble are the words that aptly fit in for this personality. To them, a car should be reliable, hassle-free & sturdy. Safety is there at most concern and would like to take opinions from friends and family before deciding.

C – Mystic Blue – People with this personality are analytical and systematic. They go by the rule book. Buying a car can go for a month-long task. Checking and comparing different brands. They do not encourage any personal talks. They expect the salesperson to answer all their technical questions and be accountable for the brand.

Well, this is a common scenario that everyone can relate to and visualize your friends or loved ones in these personalities. You may fall under any one of the personality types or may a times combination of two personalities. This tool helps tremendously, as a DiSC behavioral analyst I have helped people build self-awareness, make suitable career choices, effectively build a positive and successful relationship personally and at the workplace. The bottom line is knowing about your personality, not only helps you communicate or perform effectively but also helps in prioritizing your needs and preferences.

To me, Freedom is all about the right choices we make. It’s a precious gift embrace it, cherishes it, and let it be contagious (in the right way).

About the author

Rekha Hariprawin is the Founder of SaRay Image consulting firm in Chennai. She is an Internationally Certified Personal Branding and Lifestyle Coach, POSH (Prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace) torchbearer & DiSC consultant.

She loves to empower people in identifying their strengths and areas of concern and walk them to success by working on their appearance, behavior, and communication.

She acts as a catalyst in transforming people into a “Personal Brand” that differentiates you from others!!

You can email your queries at to know more about personal branding, enhancing your personal image, dressing for success, etiquette, and communicating right.