UNKNOWN HEALTH BENEFITS OF POHA (Flattened rice or Beaten rice)

  • Have a bowl of poha and get the most out of it!
  • Nutrient-rich breakfast or snack to make your body healthy!

Being the most-loved Indian breakfast f food, Poha has multiple health benefits as it is available in different varieties across the country. You could either have it in a spicy salty form or a delicious sweet form. You would be having it in different forms but do you have any idea about its health benefits? Or have you ever tried to realize the reason behind why poha has been considered as a healthy breakfast? Poha has been one of the best foods in the country as well as in the world. You could prepare it by adding peas, potato, coriander, and even crunchy peanuts. You could also prepare it with jaggery to make it a sweet dish. Thus, the dish becomes healthier as it is packed with nutrition which your body needs. So, here are few health benefits of poha you must know.

HEALTHY PROBIOTIC: To our surprise, poha is known to be good probiotic food. Did you know why? Well, it has been made by parboiling paddy and then drying it out in the sun for a few hours. Later, the dried product is beaten up to provide healthy poha. This finished product has gone through the fermentation process and thus retains the microbial flora from the partly digested carbs and proteins and hence making it healthy for the gut.

EASY TO DIGEST: As it is healthy for the gut, it is also helpful in digestion easily. You could have it either the first thing in the morning or as a light evening meal. Mainly, it would never cause bloating and would also make you fuller and curb your hunger as well.

LESS IN CALORIES: Well, it is good to hear that poha is less in calories and a bowl of cooked poha would be around 250 calories which are served along with several essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants if it is cooked with curry leaves and other veggies. And if you add few peanuts to it, then it would increase the calories little. So, adding peanuts would be an optional thing as per your weight.

MAINTAINS HEALTHY BLOOD-SUGAR LEVELS: Considered as a healthy food for diabetics, poha is a great source of fiber. It promotes healthy sugar levels in the blood and thus prevents the increasing blood sugar levels.

GREAT IN IRON CONTENT: It is highly advisable to have iron-rich foods in our daily diet. So, it is important to consume poha which is highly recommended for lactating and pregnant women as well. This is because poha is rich in iron and it is good if you add a few drops of lemon juice in your bowl of breakfast poha which would be helpful for your body to get iron-rich content.