An amazing plant for women to treat various issues!

Some of us do not even know about this wonderful yet essential herb known for its medicinal uses and health benefits. It has been used for treating PCOS (POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME), irregular periods, averting different types of cancer, and also helps in aiding weight loss especially associated with PCOS as it helps in regulating estrogen levels. Believe it or not, this amazing herb has numerous benefits for your body. Specifically, the herb is a boon to women. However, there is a particular way to consume this fever nut as it is extremely bitter. Well, this is very famous in Tamil Nadu for treating PCOS, irregular periods, infertility, and even Fibroids. Let’s check out the medicinal uses of this wonderful Caesalpinia Bonduc, another name of the nut in English.

HELPS IN TREATING ASTHMA: Since Kalarchikai has anti-asthma properties, it has been used to treat or lower asthma as per research. When powder of the nut is mixed with honey and consumed, it could help treat asthma.

HELPS IN TREATING PCOS: Mainly used for treating PCOS, it is very popular in Tamil Nadu. Even though it has been used for treating many other issues, the fever nuts are highly beneficial in women with PCOS and treat the symptoms of it such irregular periods and aids in weight loss as well. This happens because the nut helps in reducing estrogen levels as it increases in people suffering from PCOS. To prepare the powder of the nut, break the seeds using a hammer and you would find a white kernel inside. And now you have to dry the collected kernels under the sun and then powder it with black pepper (1:3 ratio) and store it. To use it, you have mix ¼ tsp of the wonderful powder with honey and make it small balls and have one ball each day. Even there are other ways to use it.

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HELPS IN TREATING SKIN RELATED ISSUES: The fever nuts are also known to treat skin diseases such as boils and wounds as it has been known for its anti-bacterial properties. Howbeit, the decoction of mixing the powder of the nuts in the water could be used as a gargle for flushing out the gum diseases such as gum inflammation and boils.

KNOWN FOR ITS ANTI-CANCER PROPERTIES: Yet another excellent use of this plant leaves is due to its anti-tumor properties. According to the study, the extract of Kalarchikai could reduce the tumor size, tumor cell volume, and tumor cell count. Meanwhile, the best part of the plant is that there was no toxicity until the dosage is up to 300 mg per kg. Could you now see it as a real boon?

TREATS PERIODS PAIN AND IRREGULAR PERIODS: The presence of anti-estrogenic and anti-spasmodic properties in this superb plant helps ease and reduce the pain during periods. It regularizes the irregular menstrual cycle as well.

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