Each of us is built with a different metabolic system based on the food we take. We say fiber foods can support digestion, it is not the case with everyone. Some are allergic to some foods. The symptoms are shown when the digestion process is not carried properly. People find discomfort with certain foods. Ward off those causing ill effects from your food list. Digestion plays a crucial role in breaking the food and distributing the nutrients. Read from this article on the  list of foods that helps to regulate the digestion process  are prone to certain foods

Black Beans – Black beans fall under fiber-rich food along with abundant vitamins and minerals. It is a suitable food for any age group. It prevents constipation by providing necessary nutrients for the healthy bacteria in your colon. It takes care of diabetic problems, builds strong bones, and manages blood pressure.ng prevent constipation.

Lentils – Like black beans, lentil is an excellent source of proteins and fiber. One of the widely known food that contributes better digestion process. It can bring down your weight. Lentils can be added to a variety of dishes to keep away from bowel syndrome and constipation problems.

Chia Seeds – To regularize the function of digestion and for successful weight loss, chia seeds are the best choice. This can easily remove the toxins in the digestive tract. It is most popular for its unbelievable health benefits. The seeds curbs your appetite.

Pears – The soluble fiber in pear can support the growth of healthy bacteria, prevents inflammation, stops diarrhea by absorbing moisture, and aids in weight loss. The fruit is so juicy and sweet, can be eaten as a fruit to gain more nutrients and to enhance digestion.

Green Beans – It’s an edible vegetable that adds an exotic taste to many dishes. The high amount of fiber and no calories stamps its excellence in nutrition. The vegetable can be consumed every day to ward off any digestive syndrome. It can treat colon cancer, control diabetes, hemorrhoids, ulcers, and constipation.

Papaya – They are filled with extraordinary nutrients that can tune the entire work process of your system. Eat papaya to encounter digestion problems. The fruit can be consumed an hour before or after a meal. It can breakdown the foods that are hard for the digestion process. Papaya makes the work easier after a heavy meal.

Cucumber – The antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties along insoluble fiber are the key elements for healthy digestion. When your stomach is full and feeling hard to digest, eat some slices of cucumber to move quickly through your digestive tract.

Prunes – Prunes juice helps to remove unwanted substances from your body. They contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. It can be consumed twice a day on an empty stomach to improve the digestion process.

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