Globally the education landscape has turned turtle – schooling has moved from brick and mortar to virtual space. One of the most traditional industries, education has embraced technology like none other. Students are out of school, yet continue to learn with teachers embracing new ways of teaching and parents stepping in as facilitators.

Macmillan Education – with over 125 years of expertise in content development and pedagogy is at the forefront of supporting schools with online resources and training. Reinventing itself to meet the changing needs of the educational ecosystem, Macmillan Education is proud to offer a blended learning solution called  Altura-Advancing Learning and Teaching Using Resources and Assessments, to meet the needs of students, teachers, and parents alike. Coming from Macmillan Education, known for its innovative resources, like ‘Hop Skip and Jump’ and ‘English Ferry’ – Altura is sure to grab the attention of progressive school leaders looking to take their school to the next level.

With experiential learning at its core and aligned to the National Education Policy 2020, Altura harnesses EdTech to personalize learning through flexible and engaging learning resources and activities. Teachers, who always hard-pressed for time, will love and appreciate the suite of teaching aids and readymade assessments available to them, on an app. Extensive online assessments in Altura, throw up actionable insights in the form of individual performance reports of learners. These reports available to parents on an app can provide the right support to assist children in maximizing their potential.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Rajesh Pasari, Managing Director, Macmillan Education India, said, ‘The world is undergoing a massive socio-digital change and we see that the right use of technology can be empowering and equalizing. As drivers of learning, Macmillan understands that what schools need right now is flexibility, integration, and inclusivity. Undoubtedly Edtech is a tool, which if used pedagogically, can assist us in developing 21st-century skills in learners. To support the emerging hybrid model of schooling, it’s imperative to reimagine solutions, and that is what Macmillan has done while building Altura; drawing upon decades of understanding of teaching-learning, Altura keeps not just teachers and students at the heart of this physical solution, but also includes parents. Through Altura, Macmillan Education aims to support schools in delivering a seamless teaching-learning experience to give a head start to young learners of our country.’

Endorsed by  Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer, IIT-Delhi, Altura aims to foster 21st-century skills of creativity, collaboration, and curiosity through its engaging print and digital resources.

Altura was launched to schools at a scintillating session by education experts which included Prof. Aditya Mittal of Indian Institute of TechnologyDelhi, Dr. Amrita Vohra- Director Education, GEMS Education; Dr. Vasanthi Thiagarajan, Founder Principal, Sishya School, Hosur, and Dr. Anil Srinivasan, Musician, Scholar, Academician, and founder of Rhapsody.

‘The need of the hour is to encourage innovation and FITT, IIT Delhi has advised Macmillan on the right instructional design to foster creativity and curiosity in young learners. Altura is a solid step in modern primary education and we hope this collaborative project will help students become more innovative.’ said  Prof Aditya Mittal, while addressing the audience during the launch.

Dr. Amrita Vohra said, “Altura, by Macmillan Education India, is designed for a truly enriching learning experience. It empowers young learners through a multi-disciplinary approach and active engagement of all senses and intelligence. It ignites learners’ curiosity and helps them to think about and critically evaluate what they learn. With creative exploration at its heart, Altura is designed for problem-solvers and innovators of tomorrow.”

Dr. Anil Srinivasan spoke on the importance of integrating art in the curriculum and how music positively impacts learning, especially of science and maths. Through his work, Dr. Srinivasan has already evidenced how music can be used as a vital learning aid, towards enhancing overall learning and development. Building teacher capacity with the support of Dr. Anil Srinivasan, to effectively use the Art integrated lesson plans in Altura, is a priority area for Macmillan.

Dr. Vasanthi Thiagarajan, a respected and senior educator spoke on how Altura strives to provide relevant content to educators to achieve the desired learning outcomes. “Altura demonstrates linkage of content and pedagogy with outcomes in the best possible way,” she said.

The success of a tech-enabled solution like Altura, depends upon the service commitment, and the support provided for implementation. This is why Macmillan Education, recently awarded the coveted ‘Best Education Brand’ award by The Economic Times is the preferred partner of schools. School leaders perceive Macmillan to be responsive to their needs and appreciate Macmillan’s commitment to providing relevant solutions with excellent services.

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