The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to rethink safe living and adopt better hygienic practices in their day-to-day lives. From washing hands regularly to sanitizing surfaces, humans have become increasingly cautious of touchpoints as contaminated surfaces are one of the key sources of virus transmission. In adapting to this new situation, everyone is trying to minimize physical contact in an effort to reduce the risk of virus contraction.

Elevator buttons are one of the most common touchpoints that are used numerous times by multiple people in residential societies, commercial complexes, malls, and many other places. Needless to say, the risk of an elevator button being contaminated is high.

With Halcove Touch Free buttons installed in the Lift, the traveler has to place the finger near to the surface of the button and the sensor inside the button will detect the presence of a finger within a proximity distance of 10-15 mm and operate the lift.

Halcove Buttons make the elevator ‘travel safe’ without any change in the way the user interacts with the elevator for ages. Halcove buttons are also designed to replace any existing buttons without any major modifications.

Speaking on the launch of Touch Free Elevator Button, Lebenor Co-Founder-Amarnath Kamath said, We observed people using car keys, toothpicks, key chains, etc. to operate elevators so as to avoid touching the push buttons to avoid infection. What if we could operate the lift without ever having to touch the lift buttons? This is when we realized that the contactless operation of elevators in India can reduce 40 crore touches per day, and completely eliminate one common source of infection.”

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