• Offers guaranteed1 tax-free returns while ensuring life cover via simplified online on-boarding

Chennai, June 21, 2022: Max Life Insurance Company Ltd. (“Max Life” / “Company”), has launched the ‘Max Life Smart Fixed-return Digital Plan’+ (UIN: 104N123V01), a non-linked, non-participating, individual life insurance savings plan. The novel offering developed basis a consumer insight study helps the customers meet short-term financial goals with a minimum policy tenure of five years. The plan offers guaranteed tax-free returns up to 6.14%2 along with life cover protection at monthly premiums as low as Rs. 3000/-* and is also available to purchase on Max Life’s website and Policybazaar.com.

The Smart Fixed-return Digital Plan targets the digitally-savvy millennials who prefer quick and hassle-free online onboarding. Offering higher returns as compared to traditional savings instruments, this product innovation combines guaranteed, tax-free offering and protection cover of life insurance, allowing young consumers to enjoy the dual benefits of savings and protection within a single product proposition.

V Viswanand, Deputy Managing Director, Max Life said, “Developing products to respond to customers’ needs has always been Max Life’s focus, and we are committed to introducing innovative, digitally-enabled flexible life insurance products in the marketplace. The Smart Fixed-return Digital Plan is designed for a generation that wants a short-term guaranteed product with tax-free returns topped with life insurance. The combination of easy liquidity and agile onboarding makes this new-age product a valuable fit in the millennials’ savings journey.”

Sarbvir Singh, CEO, Policybazaar.com commented, “Our consumer insights reveal that most millennials prefer short-term savings products with high returns, thereby indicating an apparent demand for such a product. The launch of this plan, which is a short-term offering with guaranteed tax-free returns and life insurance cover, would certainly address the needs of this segment. We are excited to work with Max Life in making this innovative savings-cum-protection instrument accessible to millennials who need quick and easy investment solutions.”

Key features of ‘Max Life Smart Fixed-return Digital Plan’:

  1. Simplified on-boarding process along with instant confirmation of issuance after journey completion3
  2. Fully guaranteed returns payable as a lump sum at maturity
  3. Flexibility to pay premiums monthly or annually for just five years
  4. Flexibility to choose between different variants, tailored to meet different financial security needs
  5. Higher benefits offered for higher premiums paid, as per the chosen goals
  6. Special benefits for women customers: 0.25% additional maturity benefit for five years’ policy term; 0.5% for ten years’ policy term
  7. Option of taking a loan against policy to help in case of financial emergencies
  8. Tax benefits on premiums paid and tax-free maturity benefits, depending on the chosen variant, as per prevailing tax laws4