India is known for its religious richness and tradition but have you ever sailed back to the history of the amazing country? Well, why it comes to history now? Because history has it all answers and interesting yet weird facts to astonish you with every information. You might even be amazed to know that India is used to be an island more than 100 million years ago. But still, it has several jaw-dropping facts treasure within it. Check out the following weird facts about India.

FIRST HOSPITAL TRAIN OF THE WORLD: World’s first hospital train is started in India and it is known by the name The Lifeline Express a.k.a the Jeevan Rekha Express. The services take place from surgeries to cancer treatment to remote villages.

MADHOPATTI IS CALLED THE OFFICER’S VILLAGE OF INDIA: Uttar Pradesh’s Madhopatti is known to be producing the highest number of IAS officers. Only with 75 households, the village has proffered 47 officers to the Indian administration. Also, many people from the same village have made their careers by going into prestigious organizations such as ISRO, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, and World Bank. Well, isn’t amazing to know a village with better studying skills?

VOTING POLL BOOTH FOR ONLY ONE VOTER: A specific polling booth has been set up for just one voter who is the most privileged voter named Mahant Bharatdas. He has been residing in a small town called Banej in the heart of the Gir Forest of Gujarat.

SECOND LARGEST ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY: India is known to be the second-largest English-speaking nation with 10% of the population speaking fluently. Isn’t it interesting?

NATION’S FIRST ROCKET WAS TRANSPORTED BY BICYCLE: Back in 1963, ISRO launched the very first rocket from a church in Thumba. It is on the outskirts of present-day Trivandrum. It is said that the rocket was transported on a bicycle and the launching pad was known to be Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC) later.

GOLDEN TEMPLETHE MOST VISITED PLACE: Being awarded by the World Book of Records, the Golden Temple of Amritsar is known to be the world’s most visited place. With over one lakh devotees visiting the shrine every day, the Golden Temple is amazingly stunning.

PEOPLE TRAVELING IN THE INDIAN RAILWAYS EACH DAY IS EQUAL TO AUSTRALIA’S POPULATION: Well, Indian Railways being the largest rail network in Asia, it would be carrying about 23 million passengers every day in 12,617 trains. It is also connecting more than 7,172 stations around the country.

RAT TEMPLE OF RAJASTHAN: Aforementioned, India is known for many weird practices. The Karni Mata Temple situated in Rajasthan is home to many rats. They are considered to be their ancestors, and also worship them according to the pilgrims. It is known to be one of the bizarre attractions of India.

NATION WITH A BILL RIGHTS FOR COWS: While cows are considered to be holy in Hinduism, the Constitution has implemented a set of rules to prevent the sale and slaughter of cows. India is the only country to have a bill of rights for cows.

SWITZERLAND IS CELEBRATING DR. A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM BY DEDICATING A DAY: Once Dr. Kalam had visited Switzerland on May 26th in 2006 and later it has been nationally known as Science Day in Switzerland.

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