Whenever the monsoon hits, it comes along with the lightning and thunder and refreshing drops. This is more than a blissful experience you could ever have had. What else brings you joy more than a single natural drop of rain? Well, the better breezy weather and the tranquil road trip could intermingle to provide the best soul-soothing experience you could cherish forever.  If you are fond of road trips during monsoons, then check out the following lush greeny places to traverse through. Merriment is yours when you travel with the downpour and windy surroundings passing by.

SHILLONG TO CHERRAPUNJEE: As we all know that Cherrapunjee is known to be the second rainiest place in the world, it would be the best choice of all during the monsoons. While listing out your road trips, Cherrapunjee places the top of it. It would be incomplete if you did not add Cherrapunjee in your list as it is lush green with its surroundings and the route from Shillong to Cherrapunjee would dip your soul in the divine breeze.

CHENNAI TO PONDICHERRY: This is one of the best choices for road trips generally. During monsoons, the East Coast Road offers even more beauty and amazing drive to the person who is driving as well as for the person on the pillion seat. The route serves a bunch of natural wonders to the on-lookers. You could never put things into words once you get to watch it. Everything seems to be magical as the road welcomes you with greeny trees on both sides and rivers and different bridges and curvy routes which would be exuberant during monsoons.

SHIMLA TO MANALI: Naturally, the mind-blowing place of the northern part of India, Manali is excellent with its lively hills and mountains. Think of the curvy routes during monsoons with its chillness and the cold breeze which could be beyond your imagination. You would be present at the moment and most importantly, you are actually living the moment which is an essential thing for a human. Who else would not choose Manali for a vacation? So, you could definitely add the trip from Shimla to Manali to your list.

BANGLORE TO COORG: A drive to Scotland of India would be an excellent choice which would never make you regret it. Coorg is popularly known for its coffee plantations which makes it an amazing destination. The 244 km drive from Bangalore would provide you with leafy green scenic beauty and you would find serenity in you. You gotta check this out if you are on road trips.

CHENNAI TO MUNNAR: Woah! You should never forget to add this to your list of road trips. The best hill station situated in Kerala to which every human would lose their heart. You could never imagine how vibrant it would be during monsoons as it is naturally glistening at any time of the year. Even though the drive along with nature from Chennai takes almost 12 hours, it is worth indulging in. Remember the mesmerizing Munnar the next time you are planning for the road trip!