Exploring places would fill you with new experiences and infuses your soul with serenity. When it comes to travel, you might often visualize the greeny and blue atmosphere along with the windy air which is actually the language of nature. You might have listed several vibrant places but then if you wish to watch mountains and love to explore it, then this is for you. It offers you the thrilling experience of trekking as well as the complete tranquilizing mind. So, here some of the off-beat areas which you must not have noted down your list to quench the thirst of exploring the mountains. Check out the following mountain areas which you should visit at least once.

CAPTIVATING CHAIL: Located at 7,380 feet above sea level, Chail is geographically situated in Himachal Pradesh which provides a breathtaking experience. Being praised for its natural beauty, it has been featured in many music videos. But it has not been familiar to most people. However, Chail is popularly known for its highest cricket ground that is used for organizing several matches. It was constructed back in 1893 and thus makes it famous. Above all, people who visit this place would be captivated by the Palace Hotel which was built back in 1891 during the period of Maharaja of Patiala. Years have gone by and then it was transformed into a Heritage Hotel by Himachal Tourism in 1972.

PLEASURABLE PANCHGANI: Hidden in the jungle of Maharashtra, Panchgani is one of the most pleasurable hill stations in India which would be the best choice for people who love to explore the mountain area. The name of the place is derived from the five hills encircling it and so the name, Panchgani. The wilderness of this place would take you away from the bustling city atmosphere and this dense green place is popular for its sunrise and sunset points. It has been serving as a picnic spot for Mumbai people and other neighboring cities during weekends.

KALEIDOSCOPIC KHAJJIAR: Popularly known as “Mini Switzerland”, Khajjiar is one of the stupendous hill stations in India. As a kaleidoscope is a type of toy which shows different things when you see through it, Khajjiar is compared with a kaleidoscopic place that provides you different experiences through forests, lakes, temples, and pastures. It also proffers adventure sports including zorbing, paragliding, and horse-riding.

MERRIMENT OF MOUNT ABU: Being the only hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu stands as a unique place of all. People from various parts of India throng here to experience the wonderment of the place. Dilwara temples at this place are the most popular tourist attraction for their jaw-dropping architecture. You might have studied Mount Abu at school but it has so much to offer you. You could enjoy sailing through the serene waters of Nakki Lake, wildlife sanctuary, and sunset points as well.

ENLIVENING KUFRI: Like Chail, Kufri is one of the must-visit hill stations. Situated near Shimla, it gifts you with a trekking experience, snow-clad peaks, and the best slopes for skiing. This is why Kufri is known to be the quintessential place for mountain lovers.