Travelling with you Darling is all about love and exposing the love which you have kept clandestine in your heart all these days. While last year made the world go through tough times, it is now time to revamp by traveling and refreshing. You might have already thought of planning to fly some places with your loved one to spend some better time together. You might of course wish to spend some quality time by staying away from the business of your life. So, travel to some lovey-dovey places to celebrate the love with your partner and bring out the romantic side of you by cuddling together in beautiful and serene places. Let’s now check out the following romantic destinations in India to travel to this V-DAY.

ALLEPPEY OR ALLAPUZHA: Known to be a famous honeymoon spot, Alleppey or Allapuzha is waiting to rekindle your love. When it comes to Alleppey, your brain would visualize the scenario of vibrant houseboats and live in the middle of nature with your loved one. Want to make it happen? Pack your bags and get ready to spend a romantic time with your beloved. Make your tummy full with delicious and steaming appams and mouth-watering spicy Chettinad food. Since Alleppey is located in Kerala, you could still hang out to many more amazing places as it has so much to offer.

KODAIKANAL: Like Ooty, Kodaikanal is a hilly and greeny paradise which is just located only a few hours away from the crowded Ooty. Kodaikanal of course is a place known for its untouchable natural beauty, charming colonial aesthetic, captivating laburnum trees standing everywhere to waving hello for you, and appealing ambiance. You could stay together in the hilly heights of Kodaikanal and spend valuable time by learning to prepare jam or traversing Tea Museums by holding each other’s hands. You could still go out to have a better tranquil time by the lakeside or walk to the waterfalls. You could get some homemade chocolates and a cheap sweater and inhale some fresh and relaxing eucalyptus air along with the dose of love.

CHERRAPUNJI: Popularly known as the wettest place on earth, Cherrapunji is something indescribable as its beauty would stun you. The chill atmosphere and lush greeny forested area of the place would make it a unique and perfect one to travel to. Try walking on bridges woven from hanging roots or have a romantic picnic on grassy moors embellished with moss-wrapped rocks. Yet another stunning wettest place is Mawsynram which would be worth going for romantic trekking. The locals would serve you the best Pork Rice and Sohra Pulao along with the spectacular views.

NASHIK: Some of you might not be familiar with the place but it has been one of the biggest cities on the list. Nashik is a bustling city that welcomes thousands of people to enjoy and explore the breathtaking beauty of its temples. You might even go to the Sula Vineyards which is India’s premier wine-producing area and spend time over there. Getting loud applause for its innovative recipes and locally sourced grapes, they are open for tourism and you would make unbelievable memories together by staying right here.

HAVELOCK ISLAND: Less haunted by people, Havelock Island is one of the best romantic destinations to travel this V Day. The sun, the sand, and the sea make the place more gorgeous and appealing in its appearance. You could reach by a quick ferry ride from Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Get dive into the bluish haven with your loved one and create lovely memories together. You could even have a serene time in hammocks and enjoy a candle-light dinner at the beachside and express your heart out. Overall, the place is a bluish-green paradise where you could live every moment on the lap of your beloved one. Pack your bags and get the most out of this wonderful beach place.

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