Being known as a popular state of India, Rajasthan reminds us of its rich tradition and vibrant places. Of course, you might visualize the bright sand area where you might spot many camels. The brightened dunes under the bluish sky narrating various famous Rajput rulers and other legendry stories and widespread with a number of stunning forts would flash in your mind when it comes to Rajasthan. However, it is considered that the true essence of the state would have vanished when the monsoon hits the ground. But the arrival of this weather brings in so many things and makes the places more alive than usual. It would even transform the urban places such as Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, and Mount Abu more amazing than its usual charm. So, here are some more beautiful reasons why you gotta go on vacation to this gorgeous state, Rajasthan.

TRANQUILIZING LAKES: Already, you might have assumed Rajasthan to be the state of sands and not more than that. But you are wrong in your assumption as the place offers more in monsoons which would be evergreen in your heart. Well, get ready to experience the amazingly calm lakes at this place during monsoons which would make you feel good with its outstanding view. Also, you could reserve a few nights for Lake Pichola as it provides an unimaginable experience.


SUBLIME FORTS: Undeniably, Rajasthan is popularly known for its majestic and sublime forts that have been preserved for ages. Monsoon enters to sparkle them with a new stunning look and with a breathtaking greeny ambiance that makes you speechless.

JAIPUR’S COLORFUL TEEJ FESTIVAL: If you wish to visit this unique Indian state, you could choose to go during July or August as it might proffer you with the experience of flabbergasting Teej festival in Jaipur. Festivity is generally a vibrant and enjoyable one and Teej Festival is one among them which manifests women dressed in colorful clothes and jewels to worship the Goddess Parvati. Embellished with henna on the hands, they would swing on “jhulaas” being fixed to the branched of large trees, and sings the Teej song. This would satisfy your thirst for knowledge about the culture of a particular place.

HEAD DOWN TO LESSER-EXPLORED AREAS: When you are focused on the city life of Rajasthan, you must have to get some local experiences of the state as it has so much to infuse you with. Right from the shopping at colorful markets to the celebration, the state would proffer you several things. Get some unbelievable experiences at local and lesser-known areas of the state which would teach you more than anything else.

JOYFUL SHOPPING AT LOCAL MARKET: Whatever the season may be, Shopping at local markets would bring you true joy. Rajasthan’s local markets would offer you colorful trinkets, leather goods, spices, and royal jewelry as well. The state’s artistry is more valued as it would make you go crazy for it. So, never miss to check out the local markets of the state.

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