You can say that climbers suffer the same as the other riders, but they suffer differently. You feel the pain but you are glad to be there! Richard Virenque.

Cycling or Mountain Biking! Present days, there is an increasing number of youngsters being engrossed in cycling or mountain biking. And yeah! Mountain biking is considered to be one of the best adventure sports in India where you can annihilate your fear in the best way it is possible. Eventually, there will be no word as ‘succumb’ in your dictionary and you will be emerging as one of the bravest souls in the world to have existed. Once you conquered your fear, you will be on cloud nine and no words can describe the particular awesome feeling. Just imagine that an exhilarating soul cycling through the snow-capped mountains, downhill of the valleys, rugged terrains, tough roads, and on the banks of the mesmerizingly rhythmic rivers, where the real intoxicated air caressing the cheeks and green nymphs accompanying the exhilarated soul throughout the ride! And India welcomes you with the serene beauty and it has much more to offer!

MUNNAR: Situated in the Southern Part of India, Munnar has one of the best cycling trails in India and some other exciting things to proffer. So, when you choose to be the part of mountain biking, your journey will cover the lively tea plantation and spice plantation which explores the vivacious flora and fauna that will be an awe-struck experience for you. Here you can enjoy the splendid view of Bison Valley and Lockhart Gap along with Shola forests and Cardamon Estates. And the best time for Mountain Biking over here between March and May and December and February.

COORG: When it comes to Coorg for Mountain Biking destinations, then are heading to have jaw-dropping sights and mesmerizing routes. You can enjoy the mountain bike through the routes of Chelavara and Madikeri where the hilly terrains covering almost 25 to 35 km. It’s time for you to start covering the evergreen forests and coffee plantations. And if your soul is seeking some historical places, then you have to choose the biking route of Madikeri. You can also choose the biking route to Mallali Falls which is almost surrounded by jungles and Pushpagiri Mountain Range. The best time for Mountain Biking over here in Coorg is between October to March.

SHIMLA- Spiti: Shimla must be one of the best places for Mountain Biking. It is placed on almost everyone’s list of biking. The mountain biking routes from Shimla-Spiti covers from Shimla-Sarahan- Sangla- Kalpa- Tabo- Kaza- Ki Kibber- Kaza- Chandertal Lake –Keylong – Manali, where these spots have been covered with wonderful landscapes, mountains, waterways, religious communities, valleys, archaic regal structures icy masses, field, and timberlands. Shimla has much to offer you! And the best time for mountain biking over here is between June to September.

MANALI-LEH: Manali tops the list every time, as it is one of the best places for mountain biking and is the most-loved place for the riders. Almost every rider has a dream to ride on the serenely beautiful roads of Manali. The lively route for biking from Manali to Leh starts from Manali to Marhi, Marhi to Keylong, Keylong to Patseo, Patseo to Sarchu, Sarchu to Whiskey Nallah, Molay Plains to Debring to Rumpste to Leh. You will be enjoying the view of Thiksey Monastery and Chortens Garden before reaching the vibrant Leh. The whole journey covers the awe-struck sights of villages, vegetations, surreal lakes, and Himalayan ranges to hypnotize you. The best time for biking is from June to September.

KANGRA VALLEY: One of the most invigorating routes for mountain biking in India, Kangra valley proffers you the beautiful tiny sights, paddy fields, Buddhist enclaves, and many other prayer flags on your way to the valley. The roads here will be of uphills and downhills with a few flat land surfaces and the riding altitude is around 1300 mts on average. And the best time for Mountain Biking is between September to June.

Just pack your stuff and get on for an amazing experience of cycling or mountain biking over here in India!