Since monsoon weather is here, most of us would like to go out for a picnic with family or with your loved ones for relaxation. But while the pandemic is prevailing, it could not be possible to step out of the house to relax with your family which is not safe to do so. Well, make it a self-quarantine picnic at your home which would be perfect and safe. So, you could now plan and organize at home when the weekend hits. Try to plan and entertain your family and loved ones in your own space.

Ensure Social distancing, having hand sanitizers in place, wearing face masks, Use and through plates, and other important things for your utmost safety considering the pandemic.

SELECT A PERFECT AND COMFORTABLE ZONE: When it comes to location or spot, you have to be careful as it is going to be everything in a picnic. So, try to select the spot which could give you the comfort you are in need. If you do not get any spot, just create the one you wish for. Clean the spot and floor and keep things ready.

CREATE THE ATMOSPHERE: You have to set or create the picnic scene with whom you are going to enjoy. So, prepare as per the persons who are going to spend time with you. Simply lay down some cozy blankets, patterned rugs, use fairy lights or lanterns as well as add some colorful cushions as per your taste. You could also add some books, mason jars, or toys if you have kids with you or anything which you like to have by your side. You could even select a theme and style depending on your mood and just have fun with your favorite people or with your bae.

SET THE MOOD RIGHT: While monsoon could help you with the chill climate and pleasant weather, you could feel the romance in the air. So, if you are going to spend time with your bae, just ensure to have a perfect playlist to set your mood right. This is because the music would make you relaxed and set the mood right as well. So, you could have a wireless speaker, a laptop, or your phone to mix your flavor to the romantic atmosphere.

CHOOSE DELIGHTFUL PICNIC MEAL: Picnic is nothing without luscious foods. So, you have to plan and prepare the menu which would help you to avoid running to the kitchen. You could also add juices or brownies or cookies or cakes which you prepared or if you wish to order from the places delivering it, then you could go for it. Perfect fun-filled picnic is here with the satisfying eatables.

PICK THINGS FOR ENTERTAINMENT: Entertainment is part of the picnic where you could watch a movie while it is raining outside or play games or have fun talking sessions or play with your kids to make them happy. All you have to do is to select games which would enjoyable when you play together with your partner or with your family.  It is all up to you. Make sure to make the most out of the self-quarantine monsoon picnic.