Languages are highly helpful in communicating with people. There are several different languages in the world which has their own unique style. Linguistic worlds offer the best languages to learn in the world and here are the most spoken languages of the world along with the total count of the people who speak them, regardless of their mother tongue. However, English is almost spoken by most of the people in the world and is thus popularly known to be the global language. So, here is a list of languages spoken by the world.

CHINESE: Almost 1.3 billion native speakers speak this language in the world. Roughly, 917 million people speak Mandarin which is undoubtedly the most spoken language on the planet. And if you want to learn a new language, just try choosing this one. Well, Chinese is a tonal language that has been associated with thousands of logograms and it will make you engaged.

ENGLISH: Being the global language, English is spoken by most of the people in the world. So, you could be one among the 379 million-odd native English speakers or one among the 753 million people who consider it as a second language. This made it essential for business, travel, and international relations as well. The language could be picked up easily and the soft power of US culture which in turn would make English, a dominant language for a better future. However, English is the language that offers opportunities and better quality of life as well.

HINDI: While India inhabits 23 official languages, it has Hindi or Urdu chief among them. It has been spoken in the northern part of India and parts of Pakistan, it is 341 million people around the world. Well, it has been playing a major role in Indian education and society, and even Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has been trying to have Hindi replacing English in the Southern Indian states as the primary language of official communication and education. This is one such strategy that has been met with resistance. So, if you could land in the colorful places of India, then you could get the essence of the language and it is the language that provides us shampoo, jungle, jodhpurs, and bungalow. So, if you wish to visit India, then try learning the language which would help you in the country for various purposes.

ARABIC: Did you know the recent survey of Arabic speakers is about 315 million? Yes, 315 million native speakers have been counted to be speaking essential Arabic. Like Chinese, Arabic is also vastly different in its dialects because of the number of languages being grouped as one just for the sake of convenience. Meanwhile, Modern Standard Arabic is a primarily written form that is said to closely related to the Classical Arabic of the Quran. On the other hand, only the spoken forms of Arabic such as Oman and Morocco are highly different which only a few philosophy professors from these countries might able to understand and discuss the finer points and true essence of the ancient texts.

SPANISH: Most of you would be wishing to learn Spanish as it would open up the continents to you. The language which really makes you feel so captivated towards it and make you learn it with huge interest. Well, Spanish has been spoken by about 460 million speakers and is the primary language of most of South and Central America, Spain, and ahem, large swathes of the US. And if you wish to know the identity of the language, you could ask Catalan or Quechua speakers who could provide you the different answers.