Ever experienced camping amidst the greenery or with the green buddies? While most people love to be trekkers or travelers or explorers or campers, the common thing you could identify in these different kinds of people would be their love for nature. They wish to connect with nature as it pampers them as a mother and gives them an answer for the questions pondering them and most of all, it acts as a stress buster. This is why mankind is very much connected with nature. When it comes to camping amidst the woods or hills, it would be an exuberant experience of life. Nothing could provide much joy than lying under the pool of stars and on the lap of nature. So, here are some exciting camping sites in India which could proffer your amazing nature.

MANALI’S SOLANG VALLEY: Known to be one of the best camping sites in India, Solang Valley has been crowded with visitors from worldwide. The place has been blessed with the rippling stream, the greeny ambiance, and the thrilling adventures that make it a stupendous camping site. The place could also provide skiing, trekking, rock climbing, river crossing, paragliding, bonfire, and other fun activities.

UTTARKHAND’S RISHIKESH: This is one of the most loved places and must be placed on everyone’s travel list. When it comes to camping, Rishikesh is one of the best sites in India and easily be connected with nature. What would be more blissful than camping on the banks of River Ganga? This place proffers double joy by experiencing both spiritual connections as well as the connection of nature. Meanwhile, you should never miss the experience of river rafting, trekking, yoga, meditation and just listening to the sound of the River Ganga which could teach you more.

GOA’S ANJUNA BEACH: Goa is already a dreamland to many people and it has been welcoming people from every nook and corner of the world. When it comes to Goa, Beaches are at its highest to make you happy and stimulate your inner peace and ecstasy. So, how about camping at the beach shore? Does not it be an amazing experience along with the natural music of waves, witnessing the sunrise and sunset and the smooth sand? You could be more into life at nighttime by the side of Anjuna Beach.

KERALA’S WAYANAD: The mesmerizing beauty of Wayanad could never be missed when it comes to camping. The name has been repeatedly mentioned whenever it comes to the connectivity of nature. Located in the Western Ghats, God’s own country’s Wayanad has been offering campers with limitless enjoyment of trekking and cycling on the hilly regions. So, you could have this on your list of camping sites.

TAMIL NADU’S YERCAUD: Popularly known as the Poor man’s Ooty, Yercaud is situated in the Salem district of Tamilnadu. This is one of the enriching places in Tamilnadu which has been less haunted by tourists but it has a wide variety of zones which has its true natural essence to be explored. This would be the perfect spot for your tents or camping amidst the lakes, gigantic waterfalls, and lush grasslands. More captivating with its flamboyant garden and farm fields and other important spots as well.

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