The world is still not recovered from the trauma of the most vicious virus entry. Due to Covid 19, everyone has to stop commuting to the workplace, recreational areas, or any crowded places. The situation cannot persist for so long, the world has to restart with daily business. Taking up some precautions before heading to your work area becomes highly important. Being careless can put you in serious repercussions as this virus can multiply and also infects the other person. Read this article to know the rules to be followed to reduce the risk of covid -19 while Commuting to Work.

Carry Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – It is safe to have personal protective equipment wherever you travel. This includes sanitizer, a bunch of gloves, and a disposable face mask, have these items in your bag every time. It is a must wear gloves and a face mask in a public place or in your workplace. When you return home from your workplace wash your hands and legs first, the reusable mask can be washed, and change your dress.

Sanitize your hands – Hands are the ways to transmit the virus to your body. Keeping them clean is essential to prevent the spread of diseases. Normally we wash our hands before and after food but hygiene does not stop with this. The virus can be anywhere and everywhere so being vigilant can save from virus attack. The use of sanitizer can kill the germs immediately before entering your body. Apply sanitizer whenever required to stay healthy.

Maintain social distancing – The virus spreads so fast in crowded places. Be cautious to maintain distance while commuting to your work. Maintain a safe distance to stay away from virus attacks. When we take public transport remember not to be close to anyone. Especially with an individual who is caught with cold, fever, or cough is way more dangerous. Without fail sanitize your own vehicle and be alert letting in an unknown person in the vehicle.

Do not touch surfaces – When you are in a public place be careful while getting in contact with surfaces. They get contaminated as many people use the place regularly. It is better to avoid touching the surface to prevent the virus from entering your body. Use a sanitizer around your seat and make your journey safer.

Improve your immunity – Take some supplements to boost your immunity or eat immune-boosting food to prevent virus attacks. If you traveling often then these precautions are a must to safeguard yourself from infections.

Use filtered water for drinking – Use packed bottles when you are traveling or carry water bottles when you leave home. Do not hesitate to offer water to someone who asks for it, ask them to sanitize it before using it.

Eat the right food – The most reliable and safest food is your homemade food. Due to this pandemic, most of the restaurants and hotels are closed due to hygiene. It is better to avoid eating street foods and unpacked foods. Something which is out of your sight can put you in trouble. The food prepared outside is not safe to consume. The risk of coronavirus is more to spread from the person who prepares and serves the food.

Disclaimer: This tool does not provide medical advice. The content is intended for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for the advice of a doctor or professional medical advice or other health advice. It is neither intended nor implied to be so. Please do not ignore professional medical advice because you have read this content.