The flash of sudden excitement you get once you met a person with the same name as yours is great but could it be the same in the case of places?

You might think that Indian cities have their own distinctive name in the entire world. At times, you have to think a second to know about how unique they are. The names of the cities in India are shared with places around the world. So, when you are in a foreign land, you would try to relate it with your city and feel comfy at your second home. This is all about a home away from the home moment. So, let’s check out the names of the cities which share their names with their foreign counterparts. Read on to get the interesting news!

DELHI: Being the capital of the country, the name Delhi is also shared with one place in Ontario, Canada, and even pronounced as Del-high. India’s capital city has also been shared its name with the town in the United States. Interestingly, it has also pronounced the same.

HYDERABAD: This Indian city located in Andhra Pradesh was named after a nautch who was the favorite of the founder of the city. Yet another one located in Pakistan is named after Haider Ali who was said to be the cousin of Prophet Muhammad. These cities which share similar names are also greatly infused with their royal history.

SALEM: Tamil Nadu’s Salem is an ancient place that has been mentioned in 1st and 2nd-century inscriptions. Could you get how old and ancient this South Indian city? Well, Salem located in the United States is a Hebrew one that means “peace”. Get to explore the place and feel the home in a foreign land.

THANE: Located in Maharashtra in India, Thane is one of the most stunning and embellishing places which could offer you several beach sceneries and other things to traverse. So, which foreign land might have a similar name for its city? Well, it’s Australia which geographically has a city in the same name. But it is unclear how this city got its name.

BALI: You read it clearly, right? Yes, it’s Bali! While people would obviously visualize the famous tourist place of Indonesia known as Bali, there is also a Bali here in the Pali district of Rajasthan. So, next time, when you come across the name Bali, remember you have one in India as well. However, Indonesia’s Bali is an excellent tourist option and it could forever in everyone’s bucket list as the ambiance would leave you mind-blown.

PATNA: Bihar’s Patna is well-known to many people out there. But many of you might not be familiar with Scotland’s Patna, right? All you have to know is how the village of Scotland got its name as exactly as the one in India. Patna in Scotland was actually given by a man William Fullarton as he was inspired by the capital city of Bihar. Also, William’s father had served to East India Company and he, himself had some fondness towards the city Patna and so the village got its name. Isn’t it interesting enough? Get to explore Scotland as this village is so vibrant and lively.

KOCHI: Known to be the famous city of Kerala, Kochi is the capital of Ernakulam. Kochi is always been served as a dream city to many and nature is at its peak here in “God’s own country”. While this attracts many tourists from all over the world, Japan’s Kochi has been a tourist attraction as well. Moreover, these two cities are greatly similar in serving mouth-watering seafood.