True love would grow anywhere on the planet! Couples would always love to spend time with each other after the long weekdays. When it comes to strengthening the relationship, little things would contribute more to your bond. To spice up things, you could have to think a little creatively. If you are wondering what to do on your anniversary or how to surprise your partner during weekends to have some special and memorable days in your life, then you do not want to go for expensive ideas but with little and innovative ideas which would work for sure. All your special moments are priceless and are treasured ones. This is true because your partner would not think about what you have done but the moments with you are going to be special for them. So, here are some cheap date ideas for you to surprise your partner.

GET OUT TO THE NEARBY TOWN OR CITY: What else would make you more special when you are exploring the town or city by holding hands together? You could just walk through the city and see what it could proffer you. You could for shopping or dinner or have some valuable time in the park.

PLAY TOGETHER: You could take your partner out to spend a day together and having fun while playing. You could go for snow bowling as several places are providing it. You could even go to the mall where you could engage in some play activities that could be fun totally. Even you could try virtual reality games which could provide different experiences together.

TRY CAMPING AT YOUR BACKYARD: When it comes to camping, you would like to go into the woods or high on the hillside but you do not need to go there to get this experience. You could still enjoy camping in your home in your backyard. You could simply set up the tent and cook some favorite dishes and snacks and have it together. Later, cuddle under the sky being embedded with stars. This could be one of the favorite date nights you have together.

HAVE A WALK ON THE BEACH: Even though it sounds simple, it is more effective and amazing when you walk together on the beach under the cold and dark sky. If your partner is a thalassophile (who loves the beach), then this idea of spending time at the beach would absolutely a treat for you both. You could have some favorite snacks and walk on the beach by engaging in some fun talks.

LONG NIGHT RIDE: Take your partner on a long night ride which would make them feel amused and happy together. If you really wish to see your lady love’s utmost excitement, then this idea would be perfect as most girls have dreamt of spending the whole night outside. Well, your lady love would feel protective when you are by her side and would enjoy your time together. You could park in the top place and watch the city lights together and how calm it is.

PURCHASE SOME CRAZY OUTFITS TOGETHER: Go shopping together which would provide you a relaxed mood after long hectic weekdays. Purchase some crazy clothes for both of you which you could wear together later on and this could be fun as well.

GO ON A FERRY RIDE: Travel across the water to get some splashes of love and romance. Ferry rides are actually cheap than you think and even free of cost in some cases and so you could enjoy the breeze and stunning view together.

SPEND A NIGHT AT YOUR TERRACE TOGETHER: You could set up a tent on your terrace and you could even indulge in star gazing which would be shining high in the sky. You could watch the sunrise in the early morning along with your loved one. So, make your weekends more fun with these cheap date ideas