Saudi culture is as rich as it is diverse. Visit the Kingdom’smany mosques and traditional markets to experience a rhythm of life that has little changed over the centuries. Explore the different regions to experience the multicultural variety of foods, lifestyles, and customs. And, for a taste of modern Saudi, don’t miss the urban districts and entertainment centers where people meet to shop, dine or just spend time with friends.

From traditional dances and handicrafts to gleaming skyscrapers and thriving cities, Saudi is a destination in which history and modernity are inextricably linked and endlessly beguiling.

Mosques And Spirituality

While Saudi is home to the holy cities of Makkah and Medinah, a pilgrimage route around the country doesn’t have to stop there. Travelers can venture to other holy — and less crowded — spots to enjoy the mosques’ calm atmosphere or pray in peace and check out other sites of historical significance. Makkah and parts of Medina are accessible only to Muslims; however, other architecturally noteworthy mosques and historic sites across the country are accessible and can provide a firsthand glimpse into the intriguing religious roots of Saudi.

Al Rajhi Mosque – Al Rajhi Grand Mosque – Al RahmaMosque

Museums and History

With such a rich history, it’s no surprise that Saudi is home to a plethora of museums, castles, and cultural institutions around the country. Visitors can immerse themselves in exhibitions and displays that not only highlight the ancient past but also bring to light more contemporary works by local and international artists.

The National Museum in Riyadh – The Antiquities Museum –King AbdulazizCenter for World Culture

Souqs and Shopping

From old-world souqs to modern malls to boutique concept stores, Saudi has a wealth of shopping options, offering everything from traditional wares to designer items to creative collections and offbeat décor.

Share Al Hob market – Souq Al Qaisariya – Personage


Experience a land where the past comes to life. From the labyrinthine streets of ancient cities to the intricate rock carvings of early civilizations, the kingdom’s rich history is written large across the landscape.

When you explore the ancient ruins and rock-carven tombs of NabateanHegra or walk the narrow winding streets of-Turaif, surrounded by beautiful Najd architecture, you are opening a doorway into Saudi’s rich and fascinating history.

Since the days of antiquity, Saudi has occupied a pivotal position at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Today, there are more than 11,000 archaeological sites throughout the Kingdom, telling the story of the civilizations that lived over the years. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is proud to have five UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Al Ahsa Oasis
  • Al-Hijr Archaeological Site (Hegra)
  • Al-Turaif District in Diriyah
  • Historic Jeddah
  • Rock art in the Hail region