Couples might have been seeking for perfect honeymoon places in India during monsoons. Monsoons always are the best season of the year to chill and relax together with your loved one. You could add romance to each drop of a downpour during the season as they are known for the romantic feast. Well, monsoon adds beauty to the places as the weather would be so romantic and calm enough to relax. So, here is the list of Indian honeymoon places to seek out during monsoons. Particularly, hill stations have our hearts during monsoons.

COORG: Often, people would like to go for an offbeat destination and so they might be a dilemma to choose where to go. Well, here is a beautiful Coorg which is a stupendously serene hilly destination in Karnataka. It has a wide variety of coffee estates, spice plantations, drizzling waterfalls, lively monasteries, and peaceful ambiance. Above all, you walk hand in hand through the plantations along with romantic downpour. You could trek together to Abbey falls as well. Coorg is also known to be the Scotland of India which revitalizes your soul.

ALAPPUZHA: Famously known as Alleppey, Alappuzha is considered to be the most delightful place for a honeymoon destination in India during monsoons. You could soak your souls together in the calmness and plunge in the amazing backwaters landscape, greenery palm and coconut plantations, vibrant fishing villages, serene chapels, and sprawling paddy fields. Nothing could be equal to the experience of a vacation in a houseboat with your loved one. You could even rejuvenate yourself in a couple of Ayurvedic Spa and watch the sunset together from the lighthouse with your love on a romantic evening.

GOA: Who else would not love to be here in this refreshing honeymoon place? Well, Goa is popularly known to be the coolest place to soak your souls and relax your mind. The flabbergasting beaches would instill the romantic feel in you and walk freely with your darling with hand in hand. You could check out Charao, Divar, and Grand islands. Go for a lovely ride and explore the old Portuguese colonies and enjoy the luscious seafood.

KHAJURAHO: If you are the couples who are seeking for some historic essence, then this is for you guys to make your bond stronger with the history. However, Khajuraho is a small town situated in Madhya Pradesh which is known to be one of the best honeymoon places in India during monsoons. It was built between 950 and 1050 AD and the temples are known to be UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The temple walls are not only historic but also known to indulge yourself in romantic conversations. The walls of the temples are amazingly sculpted with the sculptures of symbolizing eroticism. You could watch the Light and Sound show and attend the Khajuraho Dance Festival as well.

MAHABALESHWAR: Being the most scenic honeymoon place in India, Mahabaleshwar is an excellent place for rainy mornings, misty mountains, the cool and balmy breeze which touches your soul with refreshing feel along with the green scenario. Undoubtedly, the place would the perfect romantic hub for the darlings out there. You could also enjoy visiting strawberry orchards and get infused with the romantic aroma and also experience the romance-filled Shikara ride in Venna Lake. You could also trek with your love up to Wilson Point and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

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