A celebration of menstruation at Assam’s Guwahati ! People worship the vagina as an idol at this particular temple

Several religions have been housed in India for several years. Native people have been following their own traditions and rituals of their religions. Though there are several traditional customs to be followed, people still have been mystifying you with their different practices and the way they worship God and Goddesses. Since India has been divided into multiple states, people from different states turn out to be devotees of different Gods and worship different idols. Meanwhile, the Hindu religion has a wide variety of worshipping and praises different Gods. When it comes to installing idols in the temple, the temple would be dedicated to that particular idol. We might at times befuddled by watching people worshipping idols which are other than human form. Here is one such strange practice of worshipping the tantric cult as an idol of the temple. Isn’t it queer enough to hear?

Undeniably, India has been known for its weird practices. When it comes to weirdness, it is completely strange as well. India’s Guwahati is all set to celebrate the menstruation cycle of Hindu Goddess Kamakhya at Kamakhya Temple of Assam. The temple is situated high on Nilanchal Hill with its major space for tantric rituals. The four-day celebration of menstruation is popularly known as Ambubachi Mela. People from different parts of the country and even from foreign countries would visit the temple during the festival of celebrating menstruation. Ambubachi Mela is the place if you are into mystical practices and spiritualism in India and it is said to captivate the followers of cult practices and tantric all over the world. Devotees who throng to this place would pay their prayers, farming, and read scriptures for all four days of celebration.

Devotees from different places would gather here as one in front of the idol and bent over with their prayers. Howbeit, some devotees would even believe that the fair could be the celebration of the planet’s ability to create and nurture life. Otherwise known as Mahakumbha of the East, Ambubachi Mela is totally the best place to visit by the travelers and the experience they gain here would definitely be cherished throughout the lifetime. Meanwhile, lakhs and lakhs of people attend the festival of celebrating the menstruation cycle of the Goddess.

Legend has it that the wife of Lord Shiva, Sati jumped into the fire after she was unable to bear the insulting words of her father towards her husband. Later Lord Shiva was extremely into a rage and did TANDAV NRITYA by toting the corpse of His wife. It was then the parts of her body fell on the earth which forms Shaki Peeths and thus Kamakhya Temple was created where the Yoni or vagina fell. And it is believed that every year around June, the Goddess encounters her menstrual cycle and thus the temple remains closed for three days. It was then believed the temple turns out to be red. The celebration would be high on point at these particular days of the month.

This year the festival celebrations were not carried out due to the Pandemic situation