• The Guinness Recorded Indian Town which receives the highest rainfall annually would definitely leave you mind-boggling as well as hair-raising forest experience.

No human would resist the refreshing drops from the sky. Each living being would welcome the downpour with a wide smile and ecstasy. Monsoon is one good reason to enjoy as the weather touches the heart with its breeze and drops. When it comes to monsoons, we would feel the wetness around us which brings us relief from the hot summer weather. While it is all about wet, then you should never forget about the wettest place on the planet, Mawsynram. The place holds the Guinness Record for the wettest place on the earth.

Situated in the district of East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya state, Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall every year on the greeny planet. The name board of Mawsynram highlights the wettest place while you enter the showery place down on the earth. The breathtaking environment would portray how the place has got its title as “World’s Wettest Place”. The Indian town once received 26,000 millimeters of rainfall in 1985 as per the Guinness Book of World Records. Present years, it has been reported with an average annual rainfall of 11,872 millimeters. Well, this foggy environment along with jaw-dropping downpour experience a beatific shower as the monsoon weather prevails for a longer period. This is the reason why the flamboyant town experience a short dry season every year.

You might be amazed about the average annual rainfall reports of lush green Cherrapunji. But you might be taken back little when you see the average annual rainfall reports of the wettest town, Mawsynram. Naturally, the monsoon proffers the wetness and beautiful scenes to enjoy and calm our souls. It transfers our environment more heavenly and appealing one which our heart falls for. While this could be seen in the outside world, our inner world would experience a euphoric sensation that is beyond words. The famous root bridge with flabbergasting water running below would be the perfect panoramic view you could witness ever. When it comes to heavy downpour, the drops from heaven would make various music and tones on the roof of the houses of the villages. Imagine how heavy the downpour must be when compared to our places since this Indian town is known to be the wettest place on the earth!

You could never be in such a place with windy breeze associated with huge rainfall from the sky until you are experiencing it right in the Guinness recorded town of India. However, the people of Khasi would use their traditional umbrella known as knup. It is just shaped as a hollow and shallow cone and the half of the circumference of the base is elongated at a point. On the whole, Mawsynram provides both rapturous as well as spine-chilling experiences. This is because it exhibits the dense side of the town with water drops, little sunlight, sounds of frogs and insects and elating chill climate, steaming coffee, and vanilla cake to ease your soul. On the other hand, it provides you the thrilling cinematic ambiance of thick greeny areas, poor visibility due to heavy downpour and foggy spots. The town itself provides the real utopic world for you which could be unbelievable. Well, you should remember you are actually experiencing the WETTEST PLACE ON THE PLANET.