This year, #LoveIsOffline at your neighbourhood SOCIAL

For the past year, we’ve been incessantly online. We’ve attended weddings on Zoom, gone on first dates via WhatsApp video, and tried to party at home with Houseparty. Now that things are getting better and we are meeting each other in the real world once more, come celebrate this feeling of sharing the love one-on-one because #LoveIsOffline at your friendly neighbourhood SOCIAL.

Known for its eclectic menus and combinations, SOCIAL has curated something special this Valentine’s season to share the love. A fiesty new take on SOCIAL’s legendary LLIITs, the Valentine’s special #LoveIsOffline LLIIT is made using pomegranate juice, apple juice, watermelon juice, lime juice, an LIIT mix, and topped up with soda and garnished with edible hearts. 

Pair it with amazing new #eats at your favourite all-day cafe and bar, such as Chaat Ke Gubaare, Shrimp Popcorn, Thalaiva Breakfast Tray, and more!

And to make it even more irresistible, SOCIAL is offering the 1000ml LLIIT for the price of the 500ml one. So share the love and an LLIIT with the one you love this Valentine’s Day at SOCIAL. 

Venue: All SOCIAL outposts in Mumbai

When: 10-14 February 2021

Price for two: INR 1400+taxes