Justbe Resto Café, a pioneer of healthy eating in the country, and India’s first Whole Food Plant Based Resto Café, just got bigger

Bangalore, June 2022: India’s first whole food plant based restaurant, Justbe Resto Café, possessing an amalgamation of wellness and holistic lifestyle, founded by Nidhi Nahata, a Health Coach and Food Therapist, celebrates 5 years of serving good health to Bangalore. Justbe, an extension of Nidhi’s home has improved its menu, which has evolved to contain an explosion of flavours within every dish. The food, ambiance and the holistic approach to food and living, together helps foster love, kindness and compassion for our mind, body, soul and outwardly too.

Justbe offers a creative, delicious, exciting and wholesome lineup of dishes, made in the most extraordinary manner and in turn creating a healthy environment. With interiors that lift up the mood and an ambience that adds to the overall experience, Justbe Resto Cafe has been making a difference.

To celebrate a fruitful 5 years, Justbe – which is also a pet friendly cafe, is giving a 50% discount on your bill from the 6th to the 12th of June, for their guests to celebrate food that loves them back.

Nidhi’s innovative recipes place an emphasis on whole/unprocessed foods that are oil-free and refined sugar-free. Dishes that are made without refined products and are gluten free and bring together the best of culinary art and nutritional science, advocate a lifestyle that resonates with your inner peace and complements healthy food habits.

The new menu at Justbe Resto Café is back with an evolution to make a revolution.  The dishes at Justbe invite you to “Taste Good Health” where eating and being together becomes a moment of sharing, bonding, gratitude and celebration. The new menu is segregated under Super Food Bowls, Classics, Handcrafted Whole Wheat Pizza, Smoothies, Cold Press Juices, Sukoon, Thandak, Kombucha, Small Eats, Nostalgia, Gourmet Open Sandwiches, Soups, Salad Bowls, Home Style Curries, Desserts and Breads and cakes made to order.

Some of the must-try dishes from the menu are Superfood Bowls like “Hong Kong Hustle”, a blend of mixed mushrooms, water chestnuts, pok choy, ginger, tofu, chilly, celery, spring onion and black rice sushi cakes; under Handcrafted Whole Wheat pizza – we have the “Mushroom Partner Pizza” made of shiitake & button mushrooms, caramelised onions, vegan cheese and rocket leaves and also the “Bean Pizza” loaded with the goodness of refried beans, jalapeño, corn, bell pepper, onions, vegan cheese, micro greens.

Small Eats have new dishes like “Grazing Platter” plated with potato wedges, sweet potato taka-tak, stuffed mushroom and stuffed galouti kebab for a guilt free binge and not to miss, the “Pita Platter” that is made with baked falafel, baba ganoush, hummus, bean hummus, vegan cheese, fattoush salad, and whole wheat pita. Warm Soups like “Vegetable Barley Soup” made of fresh turmeric, edamame, water chestnut and tofu for those cold windy days.

If you are looking for some curries then opt for “Maize A’maze” made of corn pilaf, spiced sunflower seeds, whole wheat khakra or even opt for “Spitiko Fagito” which consists of chickpea, prunes, bell pepper, zucchini, olives, herbed rice. Some Gourmet Open Sandwiches like the “Avocado Toast” topped with creamy avocado, mixed nuts & seeds, tomatoes, vegan feta cheese, basil pesto and microgreens will blow your mind, and the classic yet contemporary “Matunga Toast” that is Justbe’s version of Mumbai style vada pav but with baked vada, green and tamarind chutney; the famous “Chowpati Toast” is incorporated with potatoes, bell peppers, and sprouts; “Protein High” made of tofu scramble, harrisa sauce, sprouts, peppers and micro greens.

And that’s not all, there are smoothies and cold pressed juices that will leave you asking for more and their classic Italian dishes that are made with in-house vegan cheese and no refined ingredients, like the Good Ol Mac & Cheese, Risotto, Lasagna and Penne Pasta, which will fill you up but leave you spoilt for choice. And desserts that will make you drool with bestsellers like Crillon Pie, Sizzling Brownie, and organic Chocolate Energy Bars, Mudbites, Choco-Berry Truffles and so much more without making you feel guilty.

If you are looking for healthy breads, then you must pre-order the in-house Whole Wheat Breads like the Sourdough Bread, Herb Focaccia Bread , French Seed Baguette and also gluten-free breads that can be made to order.

Celebrate any special occasions with some melt in the mouth Chocolate Truffle Cake, Crillon Pie Cake, Fruit Cake and Plum Cake.

There is so much on the new menu for you to try at Justbe every time you visit.

Speaking on the occasion of Justbe’s 5th Birthday, Nidhi Nahata said, “These 5 years at Justbe Resto Café have been a roller coaster for me and the entire team. Starting as India’s first whole-food plant-based restaurant; my mission has always been to establish a relationship with nature’s food that has the ability to nurture, heal and reconnect with our instincts to reach optimum health by building a support system to create a safer world for animals and the environment, through a sustainable lifestyle. The new menu at Justbe is a reintroduction of cuisines across the world but in their modern Justbe avatar, retaining our signature healthy character. Curated to endeavor and tantalise palates with our take on global comfort food using natural, fresh and local ingredients with a fusion of Indian cooking.”

She further added, “At Justbe Resto Café, we would like to educate and inspire people to learn the art of eating food that is designed for our body by nature. We strive to build a future where whole-plant based food is universally eaten, respected, and served with love and compassion.”

Apart from the wholesome food that the café offers and is renowned for, the ambience and its interiors make you feel like it’s a homecoming. A cozy yet spacious setup, the café is divided into sections – Living Room, Veranda, Dining Room, Courtyard, Den, and Studio. The food is meant to send the message of “ghar ka khaana”, and the emotions associated with it. Additionally, the other areas in the café are meant to complement the ideology of the food.

Justbe Resto Café and Wellness Centre is built in a 90 year old heritage building that initially was an “Outreach Library” and a Community Centre later on.