Major Private Dairiesand Milk Agents Association request the Government of Tamil Nadu to provide an e-pass for Two Wheeler to employees of Dairy companies and milk agents to avoid milk shortage and wastage during full lockdown

Major Private Dairies such as Thirumala, Jersey, Heritage, Dodla along with the Milk Agents Association, humbly request the Government of Tamil Nadu to grant permission and provide E pass for Two Wheeler to employees & milk agents to supply Milk products to citizens. Providing 2 wheeler access for delivery is essential for milk supplies to reach customers. 2 Wheelers also provide a safe way to deliver milk with social distancing.

If dairy companies are not able to reach customers, they will not be able to collect milk from farmers. This will have an adverse impact on regular milk farmers who are dependent on milk sourcing for their daily livelihood &income.

It’s a proven fact that milk on a daily basis is undoubtedly essential for children, ensuring their growth by providing the necessary nutrients. Milk by itself is an excellent source of Calcium, Vitamin D, Protein & other nutrients which help to build immunity, especially during this time of lockdown when it is most imperative and the need of the hour for all families.

Private Dairies also request the Government to allow retail shops to open for 2 hrs in the morning for milk supplies to customers.

All private dairies assure customers that strict safety measures& guidelines are followed, right from farms to their homes.