Salud Beverages’ just-launched G&T 2.0 Brand Campaign encourages everyone to ‘LIVE FREE’

SALUD beverages, the urban lifestyle brand has just launched its ambitious LIVE FREE campaign. This new campaign celebrates inclusivity and the true spirit of freedom. LIVE FREE is inspired by the free-spirited individuals, the ones that don’t hesitate to express themselves, which is essentially the power to live your life as you want, regardless of who you are and where you belong, this campaign also speaks about, while we are all different, we are all also essentially the same.

The campaign, at its crux, aims to tell everyone that no matter who you are, you deserve a voice and that uncompromising freedom. And, yes, live free!

Ajay Shetty, Founder-Director, SALUD Beverages shared his excitement for the launch of the campaign, and said, “We as a team at SALUD are passionate about certain causes and initiatives and this one is very close to our hearts. The LIVE FREE campaign takes us another step ahead to achieve what we believe in as a brand. Which is to create and build platforms that bring all people, cultures, and communities under one roof to celebrate life the way we all deserve to”.

SALUD Beverages prides itself on setting standards across platforms. SALUD merchandise and contemporary clothing collection also reflect its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. SALUD Sessions is on a path to bring a diverse range of music for all tastes and G&T 2.0 – India’s very first ready-to-drink gin & tonic – cements things with the LIVE FREE campaign.